Article: 11810. Buy-In Procedures and Requirements

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11810. Buy-In Procedures and Requirements

Finra, 05 September 2017

(a) A securities contract that has not been completed by the seller according to its terms may be closed by the buyer not sooner than the third business day following the date delivery was due, in accordance with this Rule.

However, this Rule shall not apply:
(1) where the contract is subject to the “buy-in” requirements of a national securities exchange or a registered clearing agency, in which case, the requirements of the national securities exchange or registered clearing agency, as applicable, would apply;
(2) to transactions in securities exempted under Section 3(a)(12) of the Exchange Act;

(3) to transactions in municipal securities as defined in Section 3(a)(29) of the Exchange Act;
(4) to transactions in redeemable securities issued by companies registered under the Investment Company Act; provided, however, that this Rule shall apply to secondary market transactions between members in any security issued by a registered investment company classified as a “unit investment trust” under Section 4 of the Investment Company Act. Redemption of securities directly by the trustee of the unit investment trust are not transactions between members for purposes of this subparagraph; and
(5) to transactions in Direct Participation Program securities as defined in Rule 2310.

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