Filmmaker: Kristina Copeland


Kristina Leigh Copeland is a founder, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of h2o-420, a company offering HEMP-infused, alcohol free lifestyle beverages. Kristina is also the CEO & Founder of Black Night Films, formerly Brown Saddle Films, a documentary film and TV production company dedicated to exploring subjects with global impact. 



Kristina has long been dedicated to social change. She directed and produced the hard-hitting film, The Wall Street Conspiracy, was a catalyst that brought together an energetic community demanding financial reform in the wake of the US economic crisis of 2008.  Her works exposed some of the serious flaws in the U.S. regulatory system that led to the 2008 global financial crisis. Kristina is an entrepreneur, producer, director, former model and actress living in the USA.


The Wall Street Conspiracy (2012)