Tip: CymaBay Therapeutics Being Naked Short Sold


CymaBay Therapeutics (CBAY) at Yahoo Finance

Now learn this company is owned almost 90% by funds you can only own 100% of a stock , NOW add in retail holders i bet that is 100% easy its a $2-$4 stock then add in NON reporting funds around the WORLD lets say 20% more

The short in this name is at least 120% more then float so if float is 62M so my guess the total naked short in this name is easy about 80M shares so the NEW trading float adding in all the fakes is now 80+62M or 140M shares

Welcome to FRAUD St how does that help shareholders or the company? IT DOESN’T

You can see the volume yesterday on this company was huge 88 MILLION shares and with the great news on

Treatment of LIVER disease I think everyone has one and its very deadly, So this is a huge event BUT yet all the investors who are invested for

this day SOLD? You know thats not true. So who did? Only a Counterfeiter who wants to Naked Short into volume and then drive the stock

lower and since the settlement system doesn’t work LOOK for stock to drift lower since the news is out and investors spent all their money buying

yesterday. My guess someone sold at least 30-40M naked short shares at $4.30-$4.40 avg price and just think about the stock dropping $1 that would

be a quick profit of $30-40M Thats the game all the volume created by CROOK is Bad volume The company & investors are flooded with more shares

instead of a higher stock price. So the reward for getting in early NEVER WORKS

LETS see how it plays out , the stock pre-mkt today is down 2 cents