Tip: The Death Spiral Illustrated – Aurora Cannabis


Aurora Cannabis will roll up its shares Monday in a reverse stock split — here’s what you need to know

what it does to a public company Its like the Fucking Car wash. Go public, get naked shorted down Raise money at low ISSUE way more shares Dilution is the killer of a public company. instead of a company with 10M shares its now has 100 Million shares Your stock is now pennies instead of dollars and the Fucking Naked short selling Hedge funds hold you down until you need more money and they cover on secondary offerings

ITS CALLED A DEATH SPIRAL a great name because it Kills everything in its way

Insiders can never sell a share, employee option grants are all worthless and IF you worked for a company and your bonus money is always worthless WHY stay and work? They dont they all leave Get the IDEA how it works yet?

Well here is todays outcome of just what i described to you The final leg is a reverse of the stock READ the story They had no choice but to reverse the stock NOW all holders are crushed and GUESS WHAT it starts all over again new investors and more naked short selling

My bet in 1-2 months stock wil be $3 on its way to $1 again LIKE THE CAR WASH just repeat the FUCKING CYCLE

ACB the victim