Tip: Today’s Naked Short Selling Victim CymaBay


CymaBay Doubles After-Hours On Positive NASH Trial Update

first 1/2 hr of trading 22 MILLION shares traded everyone who is long wanted to see on this great news HURRY RUN away someone is selling a boat load of naked shorts for sure

Now the funny part the stock is down from a high of $13 to a low of $1.21 and the stories will be written today that stock is soaring or some other word saying stock has gone up enough. That’s how they get people to sell stock has doubled RUN away.

Today’s volume in stock will be at least 30 MILLION today maybe more ON THE GREAT NEWS OF A DRUG that everyone knew about is now a major surprise Before today the company had no value a $1.80 this am its trading at $4.50 still almost $9 below its 52 week high when they had no drug with results. THE BANKERS we now offer the company money from some nice hedge fund and lets see if they take it and tell shareholders they are now funded. (this could be a Wainwright special) BIG VOLUME some naked shorts trapped at lower levels will sell more this am to avg up.

Then call company and offer them money CLASSIC short selling plan. Now the investors who paid $4,5,6,7,8,9 etc have to wait or never see those numbers again even after the great news. And thats today story on HOW WALL ST FUCKS YOU enjoy it