Video: Wall Street as Musical Chairs Fraud

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Comment: NO matter what the dividend is Overstock has just broken the Wall Street fraud system. The dividend is for only investors and its something that cannot be delivered by a short ( IMPOSSIBLE). If you dont have a real share when the music stops YOU get another IOU instead of a chair.

SO watch the clip above this is the business plan to expose the STOCK SETTLEMENT SYSTEM that is very hard for people to understand because the DTCC keeps pretending it has all these virtual chairs when it is just covering up fraud.

THIS is what WALL ST and THE DTC and CROOKS are afraid of WITH ALL THEIR TRILLIONS this is the Silver Bullet

Alert Reader comments: Its worse than that-Naked shorts really have no chairs. The Music Never Stops(no pun intended for Grateful Dead) as naked shorts just sell and sell and …they don’t need a chair as DTC allows them to naked short, or they do so “Ex-Clearing” so they give themselves(market makers) IOU’s.