#UNRIG Video (44:13) FBI (Ret) Ross Gaffney Witness #10 with Returning Witness RCMP (Ret) Bill Majcher


The bottom line is that Wall Street’s financial crime and money laundering is protected by Congressional treason.

Bill Majcher began his professional career as a Eurobond trader in London. In 1985, he left to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), where he embarked on a fulfilling two-decade-long career as a covert operative – culminating in multiple successful money laundering and financial crime prosecutions.

Ross Gaffney spent nearly three decades as an FBI financial fraud and money laundering investigator and specialist in white-collar crime including health care and public official corruption.

For many years he managed the White Collar Crime squad for the Miami Division of the FBI responsible for international financial crime including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

In that capacity, he conceived, staffed, and implemented a unique international WCC task force, which was operated jointly with British law enforcement until 2004 and targeted WCC, bribery, and Money Laundering in the UK, U.S., and the Caribbean.

More recently, while a principal of Gaffney, Gallagher & Philip, LLC (GGP), Mr. Gaffney has managed major international multi-jurisdictional historical and proactive, covert investigations.