Article: Wall Street Mania Poised to Spur SEC Focus on Apps, Shorts, T+2

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Wall Street Mania Poised to Spur SEC Focus on Apps, Shorts, T+2

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Bloomberg, 2 February 2021

ROBERT STEELE: The article by Bloomberg is largely bullshit. Buried in one line is “failure to settle.” The reporting is unprofessional and irresponsible.

Were this a serious article it would observe that the DTCC, SEC, Southern District  of New York and the Senate Banking Committee as well as the Department of Justice and FBI are all RICO organizations, complicit in the theft of $100 trillion over the past fifteen years  from widows and orphans, pension funds, and Main Street investors. Wall Street has also laundered $100 trillion in illicit wealth from human trafficking including children, body parts, and adrenochrome, and drug trafficking as well as other forms of crime including arms trafficking and insurance fraud. All of this illicit wealth is subject to confiscation via civil and criminal forfeiture.  God help these people if Donald Trump returns and takes Elizabeth Warren as his VP. This is not over, this is just beginning.

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