Lawyer: Anthony Elgindy

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Anthony Elgindy (November 28, 1967 – July 23, 2015),[1] was an American stock broker, and financial commentator who founded Pacific Equity Investigations. Elgindy gained a reputation for his “investigations” of companies. Towards the end of his life, Elgindy was convicted of insider trading and served seven years in federal prison..

Born in Egypt as Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, Elgindy was known professionally as “Anthony@Pacific”, the “Internet’s most theatrical short-seller”.

Elgindy originally worked as a car salesman in San Diego. In 1988, he became a stock trader working for penny stock brokerage Blinder Robinson. He later moved to another brokerage house, Armstrong McKinley. When Armstrong McKinley came under investigation for taking bribes to recommend stock, Elgindy provided incriminating information to prosecutors. In 1995, Elgindy became a short seller.

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