Article: Alliance Man Sentenced for Federal Financial Crime Convictions

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Alliance Man Sentenced for Federal Financial Crime Convictions

News Release, 23 March 2021

Acting United States Attorney Jan Sharp announced that Randall W. Hillman, 70, of Alliance, was sentenced Tuesday in Lincoln, Nebraska, by Senior United States District Judge Richard G. Kopf for possession of device making equipment and using or trafficking in an unauthorized access device. Hillman was sentenced to 3 years’ probation, $5,500 in fines, $36,566 in restitution, and a $200 special assessment. There is no parole in the federal system.

This case began on April 26, 2016, when a detective from Nevada determined that his debit card had been fraudulently used in Alliance, Nebraska, at a First National Bank (FNB) ATM. Reviews of security footage of the ATMs in Alliance at the time the detective’s card was used revealed Randall Hillman in his vehicle conducting the fraudulent transactions. On April 29, 2016, Alliance PD officers conducted a knock and talk at Hillman’s residence. Hillman consented to the officer’s searching his residence and seizing items associated with the crime.

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