Robert Steele: DEPLATFORMED by PayPal — Am Striking Back — Checks Are Best Way of Donating


By the grace of God, donations by check and wire offer me the Armor of God against unethical abusive companies among which PayPal is now assured of front row standing.

They know full well of my strong history as a Patriot and as having a Gold Star rating as a non-profit. This is a Deep State attack, perhaps without the knowledge of the CEO, but our top ten law firm will make sure the CEO knows about this on Monday.

I have given them until noon today to back down, otherwise we will unleash a negative publicity campaign on this that will make the CEO very angry with his people for committing defamation and tortious interference against the only champion for #UNRIG Election Reform [including movies on election fraud, Wall Street treason & crime, and Satanic Empire) now standing — but of course that is the point. I am taking on the Deep State and its two core fronts for treason, the DNC and the GOP (as well as the ADL, MI-6, CIA, Mossad, and lesser others).

Let the games begin. The success of our tour is assured. PayPal’s future is not.

Use the Check Option on the Donate page — and tell PayPal what you think!

Below is what I have copied from PayPal and what I told them in an email.

As copied from PayPal 0459 Eastern 16 April 2021

You can’t use PayPal anymore

After a review of your account activity, we’ve determined that you’re in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. As a result, your account has been permanently limited and you won’t be able to conduct any further business using PayPal. This is permitted under the PayPal User Agreement sections Restricted Activities and Actions We May Take. You must remove all references to PayPal from your website(s) and/or auction(s), including removing PayPal as a payment option, the PayPal logo, and the PayPal shopping cart.

Any bank or credit card information linked to your PayPal account cannot be removed nor can it be used to create a new account. You can still log in and see your account information but you can’t send or receive funds.If you have funds in a PayPal balance, we’ll hold it for up to 180 days. These funds may be used to satisfy any obligations you may have under the User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy, including potential liabilities to third parties and to PayPal for each violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, including liquidated damages. After that period, we’ll email you with information on how to access any remaining funds.

If there are chargebacks that result in your account balance falling below zero, you will need to settle the amount owed to PayPal to avoid further action.

Customers who are permanently limited for violating the Acceptable Use Policy are not permitted to use PayPal services and are not permitted to open new or additional PayPal accounts

Reference ID: PP-L-262315122933

NOTE: This is not a spoof. Logging into PayPal I see the account limitation and it is TERMINAL — some very unethical person within PayPal, probably without the knowledge of the CEO, has taken this action on behalf of the Deep State.

Email as sent to PayPal 0520 Eastern 16 April 2021

With all due respect, if you do not immediately, today, remove the account limitation, you are looking at both a major federal lawsuit which will take time, but I imagine your CEO will take note when my top ten law firm jams you on Monday; AND you are looking at a negative publicity campaign the likes of which you have never seen before. I will give you until noon today, Eastern time, to have someone from your executive office reach out to me at REDACTED after FIRST emailing me at REDACTED or texting me PAYPAL before calling (I do not answer unrecognized calls). A resolution condemning PayPal in Congress is also under discussion for early next week. 100 million Americans are going to see PayPal in a negative light that you cannot fathom. Cancel the account limitations and apologize and block the account from being further interfered with and all will be well. In passing, income for our ARISE USA Resurrection Tour in support of election reform is now mostly from checks and wires. I can afford to lose this income from you, but the reality is that this account cancellation by you, defamatory, tortious interference, and more, will inflame my prospective donors beyond measure, and hurt Paypal. I don’t imagine Peter Thiel really gives a shit, but he will get word this week-end on what you have done. Noon today. Then the social media campaign will kick off featuring PayPal as the single most untrustworthy financial service on the planet. if you people were too stupid to think about who you are dealing with — and and This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me. Someone should alert your CEO. With scorn and disdain, Robert David Steele, CEO, Earth Intelligence Network, 501c3.


01 Express your outrage against PayPal across all your networks, pointing people to so they can judge for themselves.

02 If you have received an email from PayPal rejecting your payment, forward the email to, subject to my federal lawsuit and discovery PayPal is liable for defamation and tortious interference and your collected emails will help establish for a jury the damage done not just to our non-profit but to your own educational endeavors.

03 Encourage others to join the fight — we have an express policy of NOT seeking follow-on donations once in you are a fellow combatant in the 2nd American revolution (and all our events will be free with no tickets). Others can join the fight by donating via CHECK or credit card here: