FNGR and GTII update


Alert Reader Comment:

1). FNGR. The Chinese are cracking down on Big CompaniesThat are listed in USA that have BIG DATA on their own. FNGR does not have DATA but the right to analyze it. Their partners with the Data are the Chinese Telecoms 1.6B People with Phones. THEY ARE the Chosen one by the CHINESE GOVT
They will be the biggest in the world You want to buy Data on the Chinese Guess where you have to get it.

The Naked short continues to play 3,600,000 to cover now maybe he thought this crackdown would help him out NOW WHAT?

2) GTII naked short continues to sell, 93,000 more on Friday. But this stock has a very different feeling now. New People keep Calling and buying. Like they know it’s going to go soon. I have Been contacted by a shareholder who has a friends who have Huge YouTube followers and they are doing a report on the potential of a major squeeze Stock has a STRONG VIBE again maybe its merger time or the Picasso or Maybe the SEC something is up.

I stopped adding and will just stick with 72,000,000 in the last 20 days they sold about 1.8M. So the # grows
And grows and Like I said he is all in ONLY way out is up and they will just walk away from this mess once it starts

Today’s squeeze names SGOC up another $4. And TPST up $22

When the Markets go down SHIT stocks go up. You know what I mean