GTII and FNGR update


First this is a post on Twitter about the naked shorts I don’t know these people at all BUT they are the DEBT guys and they CALLED company up
To BUY stock. Voice mail

Getting Ugly on Twitter The bashers are attacking LONGS only means they are in HUGE TROUBLE

And here is the short Getting a award I guess for Stealing
That tell you the story on who is selling all the stock
Yesterday GTII they sold another 140,000 more    Remember daily Margin I say about $5 a share by Prime broker on each share sold
Only get it back when they cover.
Yesterday’s closing of the stock.   Down at $1.44. Here is a poster telling what he watched.
FNGR buyers showed up and the stock turned   Read news on this company   Watch CEO speak.   Very easy do your homework
A word about the naked short in FNGR Unlike the GTII fight. They have never said a word Will take their beating like a man   GTII shorts
Are attacking everyone.  Very different people