Web: Who is responsible for the Current Market Counterfeiting Crisis?


Who is RESPONSIBLE for the Current Market Counterfeiting Crisis?

Bud Burrell

Sanity Check via Wayback, 31 January 2006

Besides transfer agents, our legislature have only one agency of significance that reports directly to them outside the Cabinet system. It is the Securities and Exchange Commission. The power the SEC has is granted it by legislative acts (called laws, not rules) of the Congress and the Senate.

When the SEC fails to discharge its duties authorized to it by Congress, they may fail to discharge a delegated authority, but the responsibility remains squarely on the shoulders of its enabling Branch, the bi-cameral legislature of the US Government. If the responsibility for the performance of agencies under the Executive branch sits on the shoulders of the US President, so does the performance of the SEC, good or bad, go to the credit or discredit of the Legislative Branch. If the SEC doesn’t get the funding it needs to discharge its duties, Congress and the Senate are to blame.

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