Video: Emerging Concept for New Documentary — Call for Overt and Covert Testimony


The original documentary, The Wall Street Conspiracy, will be posted to YouTube and here shortly, with the written permission of the co-owners. A new low-budget documentary harvesting about 40 video interviews will be offered around 22 June.  We have a new witness protection recording capability and will start doing at least 20 short interviews with individuals ready  to name names.

Below is the emerging concept for the new documentary.  Suggestions and additional witnesses are sought. The hardest aspect of this is showing the American public that Wall Street has destroyed their pension funds and is naked short selling the future of the USA.

What is Naked Short SellingCase Studies — five companies
Who Does It — banks, traders, DTCC
Who Helps — lawyers, journalistsWho Enables — government — SEC, Senate Banking CommitteeWho Does It Hurt — inventors, entrepreneurs, pension funds, widows & orphans, those who would benefit from life-saving inventionsTotal Cost to America — $10 trillionWhat Should be  Done — 7 steps for President Trump to take prior to November 2020