Alert Reader: This is a coordinated attack, not a populist accident


I think it’s interesting, but it still seems a bit dubious. There is no possible way to get all of these new users to act like a hive mind. Each only has one bullet, so part of this is just naive. You are dealing with some fairly esoteric inner workings of a system that even most professionals don’t even understand.

The Reddit crew may be a bit of a short-term nuisance to the system, but they do not possess the capital or the wherewithal to be anything more than transient. I still come back to a conclusion where this is a coordinated attack that also includes the bloggers to pile-on, as well as sell the story to the public. It makes a nice David vs. Goliath story.

The one interesting aspect that your European emailer suggests is going after the precious metal markets. Understand that the precious metal markets have been artificially manipulated downward for decades. It is these depressed prices that have allowed the central banking system to maintain status quo and control. Once they no longer control precious metal prices, they’ve lost their system.

I’ve been trying to connect dots and create a mosaic with precious metals for about a year now. It is my belief that the white hats had gained control over the manipulation in the precious metal markets. They have been allowing many countries to buy precious metals (at depressed) prices ahead of the reset. Once all of this purchasing activity had been completed, the price manipulation would be unwound and you’d see precious metal markets move back up to fair values. I don’t know over what time period this would occur. If they did this overnight, there would be a lot of volatility and potential carnage. I suspect that they may unwind and allow prices to find an equilibrium over a 24-36 month period to allow for a more smooth transition and for additional pieces of the new financial system to be installed.

Under this scenario where precious metal prices are attacked and exposed, this too would serve as a check-mate move on the DS and central banking system. I’d be curious to hear what Charlie Ward’s understanding is about the path going forward, timing, equilibrium prices of gold and silver, and the potential exposure tactics.

If there is talk of beginning to attack the precious metals, a final attack prior to a reset is probably imminent. If memory serves me correct, JP Morgan Chase is one of the largest silver dealers on the planet. If you shoot this elephant (and this is a tightly sprung elephant with leverage in every direction), look out below. It would cause a lot of carnage and scare the piss out of everyone.