Web: Is Global and Mail Compromised and Helping Criminal Naked Short Selling by Anson Funds?

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Web: Is Global and Mail Compromised and Helping Criminal Naked Short Selling by Anson Funds?

u/stewartoregon, Reddit, 11 hours ago

Is there a correlation between negative articles in the Globe and Mail and Anson Fund’s short positions?

To whom it may concern,

I have started looking for articles on companies that Anson Funds apparently holds a large short position in (using the list from a previous post on BurnedByAnsonFunds) and began noticing The Globe and Mail seems to have critical articles about many of them…

This started to make me suspicious there might be some sort of connection as there are 1500 companies on the TSX, 1600 on the TSX Venture, and nearly 650 on the CSE … How can it be that the Globe and Mail has coincidentally selected stocks that Anson Funds is short selling to write negative articles about? Often times focusing on stocks related to financier Andy DeFrancesco who is currently suing Anson Fund’s unofficial affiliate MMCap’s offshore fund “1235 Fund” in a New York court.

Furthermore, why does the Globe and Mail publish articles of Anson Funds opinion on corporate affairs of companies they’re invested in? Such as, in the case of an article about Anson funds requesting the TSX to scrutinize a planned debt for equity swap at Acasta Enterprises. These types of swaps happen all the time without national newspaper publicity …

This article on Acasta Enterprise’s new co-CEO’s converting debt for shares, quotes an Anson Funds press release, suggesting there was a “potential sale” of assets that would have satisfied the debt. Also, the article goes on to say Anson Funds is unhappy with the qualifications and experience of the newly appointed co-CEO’s – This is hardly national news worthy, and the Globe and Mail does not provide comment from the newly appointed co-CEO’s or confirmation from the board of directors that there truly was a negotiated sale of assets prior to the new co-CEO’s taking the helm.


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