Subject: Marcus Freeman

Subject of Interest

Marcus Freeman is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Limited (Asia-Pacific). He was appointed in February, 2015. He co-founded BGF Equities in 2008. Freeman completed his B. Com and was originally recruited to the graduate program of Price Waterhouse. Some years later he relocated to London, where he worked at Sakura Bank (Foreign Exchange), Rabobank International (Foreign Exchange) and Deutsche Bank (Global Equities). He returned to Australia in 2000 to work in Bell Potter’s equities business for approximately eight years, where he built significant institutional and investment banking relationships before founding BGF Equities.

For several years, Max Sound Corporation (OTC:MAXD) and its Shareholders were continuously victimized by Manipulative Trading Practices and Abusive Naked Short Selling orchestrated by Canaccord Genuity (CSTI) and others “with the objective to systematically lower the MAXD share price by selling billions of counterfeit shares that generate enormous free money for the market makers who have no intention of ever covering a short position. In fact, they have paid bashers that spew lies and libel wherever legitimate shareholders congregate.”


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