Naked Short Selling: The Truth Is Much Worse Than You Have Been Told

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Naked Short Selling: The Truth Is Much Worse Than You Have Been Told

By James Stafford – Feb 02, 2021, 3:20 PM CST,

There is a massive threat to our capital markets, the free market in general, and fair dealings overall. And no, it’s not China. It’s a homegrown threat that everyone has been afraid to talk about.

Until now.  That fear has now turned into rage.

The naked truth is this: Investors stand no chance in the face of naked short sellers. It’s a game rigged in the favor of a sophisticated short cartel and Wall Street giants.

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ROBERT STEELE: This superb article, the single best summary I can recollect, has one major error: it does not explicitly recognize that the US Senate and House Banking Committees, the Department of Justice, the SEC and FBI, and the DTCC, are all RICO organizations — complicit in crime with malicious knowledge and intent.  Add in the US Attorney for the Southern District and the US Supreme Court and every past US President in modern history less Donald Trump, and you see how everything is connected: election fraud; Wall Street treason and crime, and Satanic pedophilia. I am making three fast movie documentaries on these three topics, the public is finally ready  to lean. I salute Mr. Stafford for his work — now he simply needs to add the raw fact that both the US and Canadian governments are complete partners in this crime against humanity — Wall Street has stolen $100 trillion dollars in the past fifteen years from widows and orphans, pension funds, small businesses — Main Street.  Wall Street has also laundered $100 trillion dollars in illicit wealth from trade in women and children, drugs, guns, and other illicit commodities.

Enjoy the movies. Wall Street’s day of atonement looms, and it will not be about hedge fund asshole criminals being squeezed — it will be about an honest President and an honest Congress confiscating via civil and criminal forfeiture, $100 trillion in illicit assets including waterfront mansions, jets, boats, islands, Picasso and gold bar collections, and lets not forget all those private islands services by the Mossad’s Satanic pedophilia delivery network — no extra charge for the blackmail videos.

Welcome to my world. Revenge is absolutely a dish best tasted cold.